multiple databases member list

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multiple databases member list

Post by DL4KG »

Hi all,

for a long time I use a member list to get information about the CWops club members. Now I added an additional list for FOC members. It works fine as long a ham is not member of both clubs. I experienced that in that case only the CWops list is shown. I guess that is because that list comes alphabetically first. Is there a way to show both membership informations if a ham is member of both/several clubs?
73 de Gerald - DL4KG
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Re: multiple databases member list

Post by G0CUZ »

Hi Gerald

I will look into it, it has been a long time since I coded this part of Winlog32, so not sure how it works in respect of multiple lists

Do you think you could zip up these lists and let me have a copy for testing.

Hope all is good with you these days?

73 Colin
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