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No all QSOs upload to LOTW ?

Posted: Tue Jun 13, 2023 7:23 am
by F4GVO
Hi Colin,

Almost each three months, I checked my QSOs which have not been confirmed by LOTW, knowing that the OP using this way to confirm them.
Several time, I noticed that some QSOs are not on my LOTW account. I always use LOTW Manager from Winlog32 to upload my latest QSOs to LOTW.
I have no error after that , so for me all new QSOs has been uploaded but there are not. For example, yesterday I contacted an OM about a QSOs which was not confirmed. As we worked other bands and these ones were confirmed by LOTW, it was strange. He answered me that he uploaded our QSOs but so far he was still not confirmed. Checking on LOTW, this QSOs and the one just before this QSO was not on LOTW. I checked all QSOs from this same session (= same date, same time slot), all before and after the two ones were uploaded. So why these two were missing ?
As I said, it is not the first time I notice that. Without any error after upload process, I suspect a bug ?

After that, I decided to re-upload my full log to LOTW. Before that, my QSOs records was 28,331. After the re-upload, it is now at 28,353. So that's it 22 missing QSOs.

Any suggestion ?
73 de Thierry, F4GVO

QDL or Clublog)

Posted: Tue Jun 13, 2023 9:57 pm
by G0CUZ
Hi Thierry

I am always using the 'automated' action on LoTW manager after each session, I usually check that the exported number of QSOs match the number the new QSO's added the log, I have never seen any discrepancy, but must admit I don't make any further checks at LoTW, I don't make large number of QSO's per day, maybe not so for others.

There are a couple of situations as to why QSO's could be rejected or not included, TQSL functions control most of this after exporting -actually during the 'signing' process, so may not be immediately obvious, such cases as a mode that is not in the accepted mode list or just a typo, I think that once TQSL has processed and signed the QSO file, there is no further checking by LoTW other than QSL matching after the upload.
Another situation is if the logged QSO in Winlog32 has been edited or deleted after the upload, LoTW does not reject duplicate QSOs (like eQSL or Clublog does) -any edited QSOs where basic details are changed -I guess would be counted as 'new' QSO if the log or QSO is re-uploaded.
It is not a good idea to upload the log twice as the LoTW database, at least this used to be the case, keeps all 'accepted' QSO including duplications or near duplicates, no QSO can be deleted from the LoTW database eve it is deleted from your Log, again this is my understanding, but having said that, this may not be the explanation in your case.

All I can suggest is that if you find this happening again, after checking on LoTW to see if QSO has not been added to your account and scrutinise QSO details or any other relevant details.

73 Colin