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Hi Colin,
Hope all is well could you update TO2DL to Guadeloupe from France in are logs.
Great log Colin thank you for 20 years of pleasure keep up with great work.
All the best and take care
73 Rich
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Re: Pre-Fix

Post by G0CUZ »

OK Richard, thank.

I did notice TO2DL popping up on Cluster and realised this would need correcting.

Will get an update out asap.

Thanks for comments and glad you are sticking with it thru thick and thin!

73 Colin
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Re: Pre-Fix

Post by F4GVO »

You may just double click on the callsign and use the "Change Country Code" function to update from France to Guadeloupe.
According to French rules, Fx [or Tx as it is for all special callsign] with O is also for French Polynesia callsign.

See here:

73 de Thierry
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