The wheels fell off..

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The wheels fell off..

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Just a quick msg to let folks know that the forum is fixed... For about two months or so users were unable to post any messages, and to people did report that but I wasn't seeing the problem.

Long story short, it was only working for me because of some peculiar settings on the PC I was using, but for 90% of other users it was probably bust.

- Chris H.
(Webmaster, or at least the fella who hosts the forum for Colin...)
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Re: The wheels fell off..

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Mant thanks Chris!!
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Re: The wheels fell off..

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Thanks Chris, I did see this recently when I tried to add a post, I wondered if it was a temp. glitch, should have contacted you, but have not been logging on here as regular as I should as not noticed much activity, perhaps this is why!
Thanks for keeping the Forum alive.

73 Colin
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