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Winlog32 on Linux system

Posted: Sun Aug 16, 2020 10:26 am
by G0CUZ
I have been asked a few times over the years about running Winlog32 on a Linux system.

I have no experience with Linux based systems so could never offer any advice, however those operating Linux are probably technically competent enough to have found a way if they really need too.

I recently had a message from someone who has successfully installed Winlog32 and has kindly offered to share for those who may have interest.

Please note that I have not tried this, I have no idea how well Winlog32 works under Linux and I can not offer any further advice on Linux installations.

Here are the basic steps I used, new install of Linux Mint 20, and it appears to be working:

Downloaded winlog32 and saved it.

Installed the "winetricks" package on linux.

Ran winetricks

1. "select the default wineprefix", click OK
2. "install a Windows DLL or component", click OK
3. scroll down to "vb6run", check it, click OK
4. "run explorer", click OK

From the explorer browser, browse to the winlog32 installer and double-click it.
During the install, make sure the installation location is C: (mine defaulted to Z:; I had to change it).

I kept all other defaults, but I did not create a desktop icon. I cleared the check box so that I would NOT launch the program automatically at the end of the install.

When the install completed, click "Cancel" on every "winetricks" screen until winetricks closes.

Launch winlog32 from the "Wine" menu.