Winlog32 Shut Down

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Re: Winlog32 Shut Down

Post by G0CUZ » Wed Jan 09, 2019 10:03 pm

Hi Rich

OK then, keep me posted....

So when you encounter the problem, does Winlog32 freeze or does it pop-up an on-screen error? It's unusual for a program to shut-down by itself without some kind of user action.

I had left my shack computer (W7) running since the early part of this week, but noticed today it had updated (restarted) overnight, but all was still running though (Winlog32+cluster auto- start).

Whilst I was in the shack this afternoon, I did a repair to my 30L-1, and noticed that when I power up with the beast for a blast on JTDX, it was completely locking up the computer, all stop, no interaction from keyboard or mouse, after about 5 minutes in that state, it would start working again as though nothing had happened.
It's a strange one, don't think this is anything related to what you experience, as this definitely seems to be RF inspired, usually when this type of lock occurs it would be a driver<>kernel problem, will have to fix this first.
Never a dull moment, at least the 30L-1 is running again.....

73 Colin.

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Re: Winlog32 Shut Down

Post by G0BLB » Tue Jan 15, 2019 9:15 am

Hi Colin
It has shut down 4 times over the last week,
It happened yesterday when I was looking at the screen it is just like putting the switch down no warning no error just disappears I reboot the log and off we go again.
I now have had the log running with cluster but NO cluster no2 or NO log DXCC Display Detached running.
If it still shuts down I will change my computer to an older model and see what happens with that one.
Don't spend any more time on it Colin I will run the other for a few weeks and let you no.
Thanks for all the help the machine I have with all the radio stuff on is a Lenovo only 8 months old I will go back to the HP machine.
73 Rich

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