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LoTW User List changes

Posted: Mon Sep 11, 2017 8:28 pm
by G0CUZ
If you upload to LoTW then this may be of interested....

The DXCluster window checks and highlights calls that are known LoTW users, the reference file for this was provided by HB9BZA, who keeps this list of LoTW users up-to-date.

Now that ARRL have released an official 'list' of LoTW users, it would make sense to move over to this list, the file itself is not compatible with any existing functions in Winlog32, so some changes are required.[b]

During testing the existing LoTW list file may not be available to download or update from the 'Latest Updates' window, but I will be releasing a new version of Winlog32 shortly which will incorporate these changes.

Older versions of winlog32 will not have use of 'Latest Update' to download the LoTW Users list and a manual update of this file would be required.

73 Colin, G0CUZ