Converting QRA old locator system to grids

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Converting QRA old locator system to grids

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There is a long lost - perhaps undocumented function in Winlog32 which enables automated conversion of the old QRA to grid locators.

It has some ambiguities due to the local nature of the QRA system, but should work for most here in the UK and West Europe where it was used extensively in the old days, so if you are entering old VHF QSO perhaps from a paper log from the 1980s or before - this may prove very useful.

In the 'Remarks' field precede the QRA with "~" (tilde) sign this provokes the automated conversion - the old QRA will be replaced with the grid locator followed by old QRA you had just entered.


"~YM" result "IO82 YM"

Only the first two letters of the old QRA are required, and you can complete entering the QRA after the conversion if you wish.

This function only finds the four figure grid locator - which for most purposes will be enough, and as said does have limitations.

I have just started entering some of my old 1980s VHF logs, so re-discovered this function which I believe I first coded in the old 'Super Winlog' of the 1990s and have found it very useful.

73 Colin
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Converting QRA old locator system to grids

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Hi Colin,

many thanks for that hint. It is very useful.

73 de Gerald - DL4KG
73 de Gerald - DL4KG
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