Removing QSOs from DXCC database ?

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Removing QSOs from DXCC database ?

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I have worked some stations that will never qsl, have already closed their logs, or are not OK for DXCC. How can I prevent those showing up as worked ones that I need a card from. Is there a way to remove those qsos from DXCC database, without creating a DXCC database from zero again ?

Or in case of errors, like I had a VQ9**, that the program believed to have been in Sheychelles, messing my 80M worked list, untill it disappeared when I got S79K confirmed on 80M.

Joni OH2FT
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Removing QSOs from DXCC database ?

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Hi Joni

Yes you can remove QSO from the DXCC database.

Click on the Callsign in the Worked (white background) list, so it is 'highlighted', then click on the leftmost pointer grey column of the same worked list with the '>' - the whole row will be highlighted.

Press the keyboard DELETE key and the job is done.

Take a little care and always click on the right 'worked' list first BEFORE you try to delete the QSO otherwise there is always a chance that you may delete a Country from the left 'Country' (yellow background) list.
This procedure should work on all of the databases, except the Log - where the toolbar button must be used to delete a QSO.

73 Colin G0CUZ
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