VarAC V7.3.0 Winlog32 support

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VarAC V7.3.0 Winlog32 support

Post by F4GVO »

As I received news from the VarAC group, I notice that new release support Logging QSOs to Winlog32.

This info are taken from here:

73 de Thierry
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Re: VarAC V7.3.0 Winlog32 support

Post by G0CUZ »

Hi Thierry

Yes, correct, I have added VarAC logging as 'UDP' option, also same option has been tested with Gridtracker too.

The option is only available with the current update file (build 47) and onwards.

I contacted Irad of VarAC about this, and the option was added to that software, most changes were cosmetic, but good too see the response from them.

Awaiting feedback on these software interfaces.

73 Colin
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