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Just to say

Post by g0wrb »

I was using Winlog32 in 2000 and in fact I think before looking at my logs. I took some years out from radio and returned and have now managed to update all my old winlog32 logs to work correctly in the latest version. This has been a bit of a task yet very pleased I have been able too.
I still like the features and for me how simple compared to others it is. I have looked at lots of other log software, yet default back to this one.
I did contribute years ago yet see this option is no longer there, so I can at least say good to see it is still out there and supported and what value for money!
Thank you Colin


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Re: Just to say

Post by G0CUZ »

Thank you Jason

I'm still at it after all these years, although with much less vigour these days, but still trying to keep the software usable in the 'modern world' and of course still supporting all users like I have always done and will continue to do so.

Welcome back and thanks again for the kind comments.

73 Colin
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