OMNIRIG V2.1 new and Rig3 Rig4

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OMNIRIG V2.1 new and Rig3 Rig4

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This new version of Omnirig is not supported yet, also have no idea how much work it is to implement.
looks like old V1.9 and V2.1 and onwards can be used both at same time.

As i use Winlog32 for years now and would not like to switch to other logging software, this would be great thing to have added :-)

best regards 73'

Jasper PA2J ( registered as PE1MZS old callsign)
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Re: OMNIRIG V2.1 new and Rig3 Rig4

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Hi Jasper.

The new Omnirig 2 has not been developed by the original author and it seems that for whatever reason that it is not compatible with the old version or the existing interface, and appears to have been developed specifically for Swisslog.

As yet, I have not seen any published data on the protocol or requirements for the interface or as to whether this will be generally released, until that time I can only suggest to use the established Omnirig 1.9.

73 Colin
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