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Hi all.
I have a few single entry logs that I need deleting as I used to log calls that I called for but no response, testing swr etc etc So just need to know how to get rid of them.

Also a question on Duplicate's. I appear to have a few somehow. I'm just a tad scared that I will damage my logbook. If I goto FILE/MAINTAINANCE/and select "Find Duplicates In Log" then hit Enter, Check Duplicates and a host of log entries pops up.
In the duplicates column obviously it says 2. Then comes up with Duplicates to delete.

It seems I can select which I want to delete but I am unable to delete one at a time using the DEL key. I can select a few but again cannot delete them even by selecting "Remove Selected" The only way I can delete them is by selecting DELETE ALL.

I think I managed to explain it correctly.
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Hi Tony

Sorry for delay in replying.

If you only have a few entries to delete you can do that manually using the toolbar 'X' delete button, so if you are unsure and do not want to use the maintenance/Find Duplicates 'tool' to delete them, then you can still use the tool to FIND the duplicate QSOs, then find the QSO in the log using 'Search Callsign', and then delete one of them, one at a time (using Log toolbar 'X' delete button.

If you have a lot of duplicates, the Duplicates tool will delete ALL duplicate QSO (obviously leaving one in the log) and save a lot of trouble.

A 'duplicate' is considered to be more than one QSO with matching DATE TIME and MODE, so it's worth checking through the duplicate results to make sure they are the QSOs you expected to find.

Using the Maintenance tool - the deleting process will take some time to perform, let the program do it's thing - it WILL accomplish the task, with a large log and many duplicates it could take several minutes, but it is still quicker than manually deleting hundreds of duplicates.

You should ALWAYS keep a back-up copy of you log in safe place (e.g. on a memory stick) as a matter course, especially when attempting to modify the log by deleting QSO etc.

73 Colin
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