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I am new to WinLog32 and have lots of paper logbook QSO's I would like to enter into WinLog32. Is there a place where I can get the commands for entering items in the 'remarks' window? I also don't find and DX QSO's or IOTA's that I have entered. I have looked at the 'help file' and I might just be overlooking something.
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I don´t understand what you mean with DX QSO in the remarks field.

To get the IOTA added to the database just type "IOTA EU179" or any other IOTA number. Done!
Don´t forget to hit the enter key after filling each field in the main window, otherwise you will get into trouble.

If you are operating VHF and collecting WW-locators just type the locator like JN48xx at the first place in the remarks field.

As an example I personally do it as follows:
JN48OU - Gerald - Stuttgart - IOTA EUxxx - QSL via DL4KG

73 de Gerald - DL4KG

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