Convert Logplus and other .dbf files to ADIF

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Convert Logplus and other .dbf files to ADIF

Post by G0CUZ » Sun Sep 08, 2002 10:57 am

Winlog32 can only import ADIF files that have been exported from other Log programs, there are no conversion utilities supplied with Winlog32.<p>
In the past I have helped guys who wanted to import Logplus into Winlog32, this entailed a lot of work converting the Dbase Logplus database to a MS Access database and then exporting the ADIF ready to import into Winlog32.<p>
Guess what!? I have found a neat little utility that will do it for you.
If you want export your Logplus logfile or any another .dbf file, you can try this program by EA7DIU, there is an english version too. Visit the web site at: and look for the file DBFTOADIF.ZIP.<p>
I did give it a quick test on a Logplus logfile, exporting it and importing the resulting ADIF into Winlog32 and it seemed to worked fine.
Thanks to José, EA7DIU

73 Colin G0CUZ
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