Problems after deinstalling Terragen

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Problems after deinstalling Terragen

Post by on7vs » Wed May 01, 2002 4:32 am

OS: Windows XP.
Winlog32 istalled, working fine.
Installation of Terragen, playing around in the program, getting bored with it...

After deinstalling the landscape generator Terragen, Winlog32 did not start up anymore.
Reason: the file COMCTL32.OCX which Winlog32 tried to use was located in the Terragen directory, which was deleted... In Windows\System32 COMCTL32.OCX is also present, but apparently something was wrong in the Registry, caused by Terragen...

Solution: try the system recovery from XP with a recovery point prior to the installation of Terragen (I believe ME has a similar utility). Maybe something like the Norton Utilities will also solve the problem.

73 de Marus ON7VS

Marus Van Sand - ON7VS

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