How to set up DXTelnet with Winlog32

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How to set up DXTelnet with Winlog32

Post by G0CUZ » Sat Mar 23, 2002 1:49 am

DXTelnet by IK4VYX allows connection to internet DXClusters and has many additional features, Winlog32 can link to DXTelnet for it's DXCluster functions.

To download DXTELnet trial:

To set up
Install and configure the DXTelnet software to your system as described by the software.

Now to link to Winlog32

In DXtelNet...
Menu / Configuration / Links
"DDE Link to a windows application" - set the following parameters.

EXE NAME: wl32
LINKITEM: spotin

N.B. these parameters may be case sensitive.

'SAVE' these settings

A link should now be established when opening the DXCluster window in Winlog32, it is not absolutely necessary to set the host name to "DXtelnet" in Winlog32 but it is advised, it may work fine without it - in fact with Winlog32's host set to Winpack I can also monitor packet spots at the same time.

If the above doesn't work then I am advised by IK4VYX of a little fix that may be necessary on some operating systems.

"DDEDUPE which is a very tiny exe included in the next version
of DXTelnet"

After installation DDEDUPE is in \DXTELNET\DDXEDUPE\
and a DDEDUPE.TXT file is included, describing how to use it.

73 Colin G0CUZ
Winlog32 Author

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