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Google maps API

Posted: Fri Apr 07, 2017 8:44 pm
by G0CUZ
Google maps API

Those of you registered users who may be using the Google maps API via 'earth.htm', may have recently found an error message popping up after a few seconds of usage, e.g. while panning or zooming and also the VHF Locator overlay presents an immediate error.

Please note that these comments are aimed at ONLY those who use the google maps api with the earth.htm javascript file, it concerns no one else.

Such an error may appear - "An error has occurred in the script on this page, line: 0, Chr 0, Code 0 etc.
Then the window stopping or freezing or with multiple error messages popping up.

These are new problems created by the Google api deprecating older versions of Internet Explorer - this includes IE7-IE9 of which the integral Winlog32 web browser map display uses IE7.

Unfortunately there is nothing to do about it in Winlog32 or in the javascript file, however it is possible to force the web browser engine to use the latest version of IE (presently IE11), this has to be done in the Windows Registry using 'Regedit', if you have added/changed registry values before then you need to add the following two values:
(if you haven't changed registry values before then you need to find out how to do this - be very careful!!)



I have experimented with this and with these values in the registry it works, without them it does not.

This is the only way to solve this.

Incidentally - these values are specific to Winlog32.

73 Colin