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Real Time Upload does not work on Win7 PC

Posted: Sun Jun 05, 2016 11:25 pm
Real time upload does not work on my Win7 Home Edition 64 bit PC. Service pack 1 is installed, and I am using Winlog32 v6.4.1.

The only way I can upload from the logger is to right click the call and manually select upload to Clublog and also select upload to eQSL.

The Winlog32 settings are exactly the same for real time upload in the Win7 PC and my XP laptop. The XP laptop uploads automatically when I finish entering the QSO and selecting YES on the popups. I do not get the popups on the Win7 PC.

I have checked the settings in IE 11 on the Win 7 pc and they agree with the settings of IE8 on the XP laptop as regards TLS and SSL.

It seems that since the popups for "do you want to upload" are not happening on the Win7 PC, something is not right in my Winlog32.

Does anyone have a solution?

Johnny KI4WCQ