Keyboard Shortcuts?

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Keyboard Shortcuts?

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Hello to All.
I'm new in using WinLog, but not new in Radio and PC-Logging. Since I were searching for a replacement of my old DOS based logging program, I decided for WinLog as my favorite solution.

One missing for me is, to have it working almost without mouse! From the GUI it is not so obvious that it could fly, but I found by try-and-error, that some keyboard shortcuts are in! (i.e. <Ctrl-D> to delete the actual log inputs/the opened QSO. <Ctrl-M> working like ENTER.)

I wonder if there is a complete/extended list of existing shortcuts available?

In the help documentation I could not find them. Only the reference:
>>The shortcuts and other additional key functions will be described in more detail in related topics<<

Looking forward to suffer from the outstanding support, brought by Colin and the whole community here, as it became visible to me during my research phase already.
73, Arno
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