Call Book questions

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Call Book questions

Post by N5PHT » Fri Jan 10, 2014 5:58 am

I have sorted out some things but still not sure and wondered if others are using various callbooks or CDs. I am currently using HamQTH and that is great; However, I am trying to do some things:

1. Get the name of the country to automatically populate on the USER or REMARKS. I do have that option checked but sometimes does and sometimes not - seems to not if there is already a previous contact with that station - but not sure of the times it does show but mostly it does not.
2. It would great to have the US County populate also and in the options it states that only works currently with HamCall CD. So my question is have others bought that CD and it works well - for automatically entering the US County and other information selected in the options?


Gary, N5PHT

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