Callsign entry - check partial improvements

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Callsign entry - check partial improvements

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Thank you so much Colin for such a great logging software.

I have been using it for the past few days and I am enjoying it very much. I feel some improvements could be made to make entering callsigns in the log and looking them up more intuitive.

I know we do have dedicated search boxes for that.

Nonetheless, it would be great if that functionality was added to the callsign entry field. DXCC and prefix searches could start like they do from the dedicated search box, once more than two characters. Also the Country/Band display would update as characters are entered.

Also, it would be nice if clicking on a log page record didn't populate the QSO entry form on single click. That could trigger the results of search page (which now is done on double click. I think it is safer to leave the population of the QSO entry form for the double click event, meaning one wants to edit that particular QSO.

CRTL-W is not working in my case to wipe out the contents of the QSO entry form.

That is all for now.

Martin, LU5DX
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Re: Callsign entry - check partial improvements

Post by G0CUZ »

Hi Martin

Thanks for your comments and interest.

It would be nice to have the look-up features you mention, however, as each would require quite several complex functions to complete during every key-stroke, this would inevitably cause some hanging during callsign entry, maybe on good PC this will not be too annoying but on more regular computers in the shack, this will be noticeable.

Many functions are fired directly after the callsign entry is completed including the ones you mention, as long as you use the keyboard 'Enter' key during the QSO input.

Regarding the click actions on the Log Page, this is personal preference I guess, pros & cons, will await any other comments on this.

Regarding Ctrl+W, quick-wipe, just tried it and it appears to be working as expected, however please note that this action ONLY happens during NEW QSO input and whilst the log input has focus.
Once the QSO record is saved to the log database, this function is not allowed (as a safety feature), not sure if it could be anything else cancelling this action.

73 Colin, G0CUZ
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