ZL9 Entity Name Change

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ZL9 Entity Name Change

Post by F4GVO » Tue Nov 24, 2015 6:44 pm


73 de F4GVO, Thierry

Subject: [dx-check:1755] ZL9 Entity Name Change

This is an administrative change only.

In the ARRL DXCC List, the name for the entity for ZL9 will be changed from Auckland and Campbell Is. To:

New Zealand Subantarctic Islands*

*Does not include The Snares or any islands claimed by New Zealand south of 60 degrees south latitude.

Specifically, the Antipodes of New Zealand and the Bounty Islands of New Zealand will count for ZL9, New Zealand Subantarctic Islands entity.

This is not a new entity or a changed entity -- it is a clarification of which islands count for the entity previously known as Auckland and Campbell Is.

73, Dave, NN1N

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Re: ZL9 Entity Name Change

Post by G0CUZ » Wed Nov 25, 2015 9:26 pm

Thanks Thierry

I was just aware of this tonight and have made the changes to the Prefix database and came here to post about the change and found your post already, you are 'on the ball'!

"New Zealand Subantarctic Islands" is enabled in the Prefix Database for any ZL9 and ZL exception from 01/11/2015, and prefix look-ups will reflect this, previous to this date 'Auckland & Campbell Is' will still be displayed for any look-up, the new name has the same entity code so will not affect anything as far as entity status - just a cosmetic change.
I will change the name in the DXCC database for the next Winlog32 update as this is not part of the Prefix Database Update which I can do more or less instantly.

Occasionally country names do change (or are changed for the reasons outlined by the ARRL) and the actual DXCC entity may stay the same, in the past, I have liked to keep the old country names in the prefix look-up, so this will continue until I am convinced it should be otherwise.

73 Colin

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