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Post by G0CUZ » Fri Jul 18, 2014 11:24 am

hi Bob

I second what Chris has said.

Winlog32 is probably one of the best to change from a paper log to computer logging!
When I first designed this software back in 1995 - I too was making the transition from paper and for myself wanted an easy route, perhaps this is a different route chosen by some other logging programmers, who put technical first and useable second.

As Chris said, for your task you can use one of the speed log options, with the 'Super Speed' option, you just enter a callsign and press the keyboard 'Enter' key and the QSO is added to the log and is readied for the next call - so simple, with this mode you should be able to log three or four QSO per minute depending on your familiarity with keyboard use.

Any new software will be a bit of a leaning curve, unfortunately there is no way around that.

73 Colin

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