FT-1000 & filter setting with frequency change

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FT-1000 & filter setting with frequency change

Postby kb5iy » Thu Nov 27, 2008 6:34 am

I've recently hooked up my FT-1000 with prom version 6.00 to the computer and all works great with Winlog32, except one quirk. It appears that when I change the frequency, by clicking on the FREQ in the DXCluster window, and I'm on CW and the target frequency is something like 14.020, the bandwidth always gets set to 2.4K. If I do this while on SSB, to a SSB frequency with the bandwidth set at 2.0K, it goes to 250. It is like it is reversed.

Anyone else with a FT-1000 that can check this. Note that this is a FT-1000 that was manufactured and purchased in 1990.

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