DXCC Field in the ADIF Export

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DXCC Field in the ADIF Export

Post by g7lrr » Tue Oct 07, 2008 12:33 am

IS it possiable to add the DXCC Field in the ADIF Export file this is a stardard for ADIF and winlog32 does not surport it from what i see.
I have a online log on my website which reads direct from a ADIF file.
but to get it to work i have to export my winlog32 to HRD then to ADIF to get the DXCC field in the ADIF file.

This would be a great add on for Winlog32 user if you want to see my online log check my site out.

This program was made by Lars SM0EXP and is one of the best online logs i have seen about.

http://pcsystems-ss.co.uk/g7lrrweb/inde ... tion=17:17


73'ws De G7LRR Andy

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