Winlog32 with internet DXClusters

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Winlog32 with internet DXClusters

Post by G0CUZ » Mon Mar 31, 2008 5:49 am

This is a common question and may help anyone who is looking for an easy step-by-step solution.

Step-by-step instructions for using Internet DXClusters using built-in Host "WLNET"

Start Winlog32

Check that your Callsign is displayed in the Winlog32 title bar e.g. "Winlog32 Vxxxx MYNAME MYCALLSIGN", if your callsign is not present then you must add it (Menu/Options/Settings - Change User) this callsign is used when you log on to a cluster.

Now for the connection bit - it may sound a lot of work but you only set it up once.

Open DXCluster Window (menu/DXCluster -start)

Maximise the window (top-right control box buttons maximise/minimise)
With DXCluster window maximised - it will reveal the DXCluster window Toolbar buttons, click on the Options (2nd) button.

Select TAB "HOST"

From drop-down list "Select Host", select "WLNET"

Now CLOSE the DXCluster window.

Re-Open the DXCluster window - this will start host "WLNET" - this window will be minimised - you can maximise or normaise it from the bottom windows task bar
With WLNET window now in view, from the WLNET toolbar select "Site Manager" (3rd button)
From the list of internet clusters select one of them by double-clicking and accepting the "New Cluster selected" prompt.

Click in the toolbar "Site Manager" again - this will hide the list.

Now try connecting to the cluster using WLNET (1st) toolbar button "CONNECT".

You will see the result of this in the display - it will either connect and everything will be honky-dory or maybe it will not - and some error may be displayed - maybe the cluster is offline or your internet connection is down, anyway this should be enough to get you started.

THERE ARE ALSO OPTIONS TO AUTO-START WLNET WHEN YOU START THE DXCLUSTER, siomilarily there are options to start the DXCLuster when you start Winlog32, if using the DXClusterr regularily you will need both enabled.

Please note: The Internet cluster list may not be up-to-date, some may have changed parameters or gone altogether - please try different ones unless you know of one that will work for you.

An updated DXluster list will be included with next release.

73 Colin G0CUZ
Winlog32 Author

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