Importing from VQLOG

You may post here if you are having problems with Winlog32 that others may be able to help you with. You may also report bugs so that the author may act upon them.
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Importing from VQLOG

Post by g4rra » Tue May 29, 2007 4:28 am

Hello all

I want to switch over to Winlog32 from VQlog,because I find myself spending more time on HF nowadays.The trouble with VQlog is that when hunting US counties it only shows the first contact,not the subsequent ones.This is a bit of a pain if the first contact decides not to qsl!
Anyway Ive managed to import all the contacts,into Winlog32,but Im having trouble with the awards.
IOTA comes up perfectly,and if I do a summary its correct.However if I try to do any other summary with for example something like locators worked the report is unable to find the data.
Im not exactly a computer fact Im just about computer literate :-)

So is it possible to find this data,or is it due to the way it has been entered in VQlog?

and is there anyway around it?

Thanks Paul G4RRA

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