backing up winlog32 using Dropbox

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backing up winlog32 using Dropbox

Postby wilt64 » Sun Dec 10, 2017 7:24 pm

Hi everyone, have a question can I backup and load log from Dropbox?
have tried but not having much success (I could be doing something wrong)
Also is there a smartphone version of Winlog32?

Thanks in advance
Mike ZL3MF
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Re: backing up winlog32 using Dropbox

Postby G0CUZ » Mon Dec 11, 2017 3:42 pm

Hi Mike

Sorry, dropbox and similar can't be done.

I suggest that you use a USB flash drive for your log back-ups, you can also upload your log to one of the online repositories like Clublog - (there are several others offered), and there are also real-time uploads to these to give an extra layer of security to your QSO data if you need it.

P.S. Only a full MS Windows version of Winlog32 is offered.

73 Colin
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