WAE Award (DARC)

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WAE Award (DARC)

Post by pa0mjm » Fri Oct 03, 2008 10:10 pm

I know there is a possibility to make your own user-defined databeses for award chasing purposes. But I will trie to get an exception for the WAE-award (Worked All Europe). The DARC is issuing this award and in my opinion is it equal to DXCC and WAS from the ARRL and WAZ from CQ Amateur Radio. Think about it in this way: WAE country-list contains 72 prefixes. That's almost 75% for the DXCC-award! And above that: this WAE-list is quite demanding, you don't get it get it that easy.
For Rules and Country-list, see http://www.darc.de/dxhf/archives/dxawrule.pdf
Is it possible to add (by exception) this award to Winlog32?

Martin, PA0MJM

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