Version 4 Prefix & DXCC database structure change

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Version 4 Prefix & DXCC database structure change

Post by G0CUZ » Wed Jun 20, 2007 11:21 am

Important changes coming in version 4, which hopefully will be released in a few weeks time.
V4 will use a new DXCC and Prefix Database structure, this has been implimented to enable further development of this area of the software, although significant, the changes should not have too much consequence to the end user and have tried to impliment them as painless as possible.

You may have added your own changes to the Prefix database using the 'Allocate Country' facility, if you have then you need to 'export' these using the option available in the 'Allocate Country' window and submit the file to me for consideration for adding to the master Prefix database, because of the database structure changes these 'user' allocated prefixes/callsigns will unfortunately be lost when updating to V4.
If you have never added your own callsign/prefix allocations then you need do nothing.

Anyone interested in testing a beta v4, please contact me via email, beta testers should have a good general understanding of Winlog32, but particularily DXCC and a little computer prowess.

73 Colin G0CUZ
Winlog32 Author

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