Solar Data & Winkey

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Solar Data & Winkey

Post by K4FX » Sat Jun 02, 2007 6:32 am

Hi Colin and Group

A dumb question, when did you add the solar data feature?

I was wondering if someone out there maybe had a little more data than me, (mine goes back to Dec 2004) and if it can be exported and re-imported from one machine to another? That would be nice!

On another note, I don't know if you've had a chance to look at the Winkey Watchdog, after having some time and a full 48 hour contest to use this highly addictive device, I have decided between all the apps off Steve's site, and your interface, I find your's is the best overall. Your's has more memories than most of the others and the fact to macros use the $1 and $0 for callsigns and the $2 for RST is pretty hard to beat!

Also for the group, I found an exceptional voice keyer that works great with a rigblaster, do a google on WD6CNF, it has 12 memories, you can record on the fly, 10 minute ID, a really nice program, he has several more programs (no logger though ;-)), including a CW decoder that I was surprised to see copy 95% at 40wpm!!! All freeware.

Using Audacity I almost have it where I can record someone off air and play it back to them with almost perfect reproduction. Check them out, you'll be pleasantly surprised.

Bill K4FX

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