ITU Changes 4N ,YZ Not valid DXCC

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ITU Changes 4N ,YZ Not valid DXCC

Post by VK6CJL » Thu May 31, 2007 12:50 am

ITU okays Montenegro, Serbia call sign prefix agreement: Although it
became a country -- and a DXCC entity -- in its own right last June,
Montenegro has not had an Amateur Radio call sign block to call its own
until this month. According to The Daily DX, the International
Telecommunications Union (ITU) did not want to give Montenegro an entirely
new prefix, so it required the states of Montenegro and Serbia to agree upon
one or two prefixes from the five (4N, 4O, YT, YU and YZ) assigned to the
former Serbia-Montenegro. An agreement was reached May 11, and the ITU now
lists 4O (that's "four Oscar") as Montenegro's prefix. This means Montenegro
stations may use 4O0 through 4O9, while Serbia stations will continue to use
YT and YU prefixes for all call districts, 0 through 9. The ITU has taken
back the former 4N and YZ prefixes for future reassignment. The ITU
reportedly wants the two nations to complete the transition to new call sign
blocks as soon as possible. The Daily DX Editor Bernie McClenny, W3UR,
recommends that DXers update their logging software carefully to reflect the

73 de Les VK6CJL
Perth W.A.

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